Mary Mulvihill The Clever Apprentice

/ by Mary Mulvihill

The IELTS test is administered worldwide and is used to measure people’s ability to listen, speak, write and read using the English language. Individuals take the test for different reasons. Some are pursuing university admission while others want to migrate and work in one of the most livable English-speaking countries in the world. The IELTS test is one of the most popular English language proficiency assessment test nowadays.


Applicants for work or residency visa as well as students who want to enroll in a university need to demonstrate English proficiency by passing the IELTS test. This exam can require a length process since it is highly recommended for applicants to enroll in test preparation courses. An IELTS preparation course can significantly improve a person’s chance in doing well during the exam mainly because it offers practice tools, techniques and the most important information that test takers need to learn to pass the assessment test.

Mary Mulvihill understands that test takers need all the resources they can get to study for the exam. This is why she made this website available to allow examinees to have additional source of information about IELTS, test strategies, test sections and test types to prepare themselves for the exam. This website will also contain ideas, thoughts, teachings and other information about Mary Mulvihill.